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It stands to reason that an independent artist who can successfully start his own record label and attain gold sales status, is more than capable of dressing himself too. Maskandi artist, 28-year old Mthandeni Sibusiso Manqele known as Igcokama Elisha, is this man and he has chosen GA Creative Brand’s all South African clothing label, Cutty, as his brand of choice. Cutty is indeed very excited about having Mthandeni on board as their newest Brand Ambassador. Gavin Abro, head honcho of GA Creative Brands says, “He is the embodiment of all the good Cutty stands for.”
This very capable young artists is bringing Maskandi to a new generation. “Maskandi is a genre that defines me and my heritage, so the fact that I’m a Maskandi artist doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m still young and I’m aware of what is happening around me,” says Mthandeni.
Since 2014, this KwaZulu-Natal born and bred singer-songwriter has been entertaining fans with his take on the traditional Maskandi music of his people. His latest offering Amagolide, released in December 2016, has gone gold and there seems to be no end to the creativity that lies within Mthandeni.
Cutty and Mthandeni have joined forces on the fashion front to create a range that includes: sharp Igcokama Elisha caps, must-have Motor Cargo pants, a swank Rocket jacket, the perfect Backpack and a summer staple accessory Towel.
Cutty is looking forward to hitting the mark with this talented young artist and the Cutty Clan is dressing in the finest the brand has to offer while boogying down to the soul sounds of Igcokama Elisha! Keep singing Mtandeni and we’ll keep dancing!

Watch highlights of Mthandeni’s 2017 CD, Zinkani Zababili, here:
Download Amagolide here:

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Cutty: Who is your style idol?
Mthandeni: The iconic Michael Jackson.
CUTTY: What Summer 2017 Cutty fashion item can you not live without?
M: The Cutty Tank Jean with a side pocket.
CUTTY: What are your favourite colours?
M: Red and black.
CUTTY: What do you like to do in your spare time?
M: I like to stay fit and do a lot of exercise and I also spend free time at the studio.
CUTTY: If you could only wear one fashion accessory, what would it be?
M: A fly watch.
CUTTY: What is the best character trait a Cutty Man should always strive for?
M: To be friendly and stay stylish at all times.
CUTTY: What word comes to mind when you think of Cutty fashion?
M: Me, I see myself wearing Cutty and encouraging others to keep the style. It’s part of who I am.
CUTTY: The weekend is coming, what is your favourite thing to do over a weekend?
M: I enjoy spending time with my family, and obviously going to gigs and having a good time.
CUTTY: Packing for an awesome holiday, what is the one thing you will never leave home without?
M: My headphones, won’t leave home without them!