13 Sep 2018

So, you’re wearing the proudly South African Cutty label, so the next step is to travel South Africa, proudly! We live in arguably one of the most naturally diverse and beautiful places on earth and it just makes sense to start exploring all that South Africa has to offer her rainbow nation. Let’s start this epic journey with a few suggestions on where to find jaw dropping picturesque natural attractions.

The Panorama Route, in Mpumalanga is the perfect place to whip out your Tank Cotton Cargos. From drawstrings on the cuffs and waistband to ample pocketing complete with rubber detailing, these cool cargos have it all. Then, hit those mountains, forests and canyon trails. See the breathtaking Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls and Mac Mac Falls just a short drive away and scenic landmarks such as Wonder View, the Pinnacle, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, the Three Rondavels and God’s Window, where you can walk in the thick, indigenous mist forest that stands amongst the clouds some 800m above Blyde River Canyon. And that’s just a taste of what you’ll experience so pencil it into your travel diary today!

Next, we hit the stunning Garden Route and visit the Tsitsikamma Forest’s Big Tree. Now, I know you think you’ve seen big trees before so what’s the BIG deal right? Yes, but have you seen a tree that’s between 600 and 800 years old, stands 36,6 m tall and has a trunk circumference of 9m? Probably not. This giant Yellowwood tree is truly special and a must see. For anyone who loves trees, there are any number of other activities in the area to appeal to the nature lover in you, from zipline canopy tours to tubing down a black water gorge, or even taking on the world’s highest bungee jump off the Bloukrans River Bridge for the truly adventurous.

The Wild Coast, in the Eastern Cape is where you put your polished 4×4 through its paces. Pile a few staples into your Cutty Jet Pack and go and explore this wild coastline. As its name suggests, this strip of coastline, which reaches from the Mtamvuna River in the north to the Great Kei River in the south, is an untamed wilderness. It offers incredible views of the dramatic coastline, jagged cliffs, sheltered bays, wild beaches and rolling hills and valleys. Enjoy this ‘off the beaten track’ adventure, Cutty style.

The Cango Caves Adventure Tour, in Oudtshoorn in Klein Karoo of the Western Cape, will have you exploring the inner sanctum of underground caves and all its wonders, like Indiana Jones. Enter a world of rock formations, cellar-like chambers and low passageways. Crawl, duck and squeeze your way through Lumbago Alley, the Crystal Palace, King Solomon’s Mines and the Devil’s Chimney. Then into and through the Coffin, the Ice-Cream Parlour, the Devil’s Workshop, and then – hold that breath even tighter – it’s time to wriggle through the 27cm-high Leopard Crawl, the only exit route. Eish!

What would a trip be without visiting the Mother City? Visit the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, in Cape Town where you can view, up close, over 7 000 plant species, including many rare and threatened species. Here you will experience Cape flora in all its diversity and you’ll also see a host of other indigenous plants, including rich collections of bulbs, alpines and ferns. All these species grow naturally in southern Africa and can be found in the main section, along with a massive baobab tree. At the Fragrance Garden, you will be exposed to familiar and unfamiliar smells, while the Medicinal Garden will fascinate you with some of the diverse medicinal plants found in South Africa. Stop and smell the roses, come on!

Feel the need to get up close and personal with a raggy? {will they know what a raggy is?} Then Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Areain KZN, is one for the bucket list. This is where ragged-tooth sharks congregate for months on end, along with dozens of other species.Between July and December, it’s not unusual to see 50 or 60 at a time! It’s hard to overstate the appeal of Aliwal Shoal as a diving destination. Down in the deep you also encounter various kinds of corals and sponges growing on the wrecks or ancient coastline, a world of tropical fish, moray eels, the occasional sea turtle, and almost certainly a gigantic potato or brindle bass. Enjoy these warm waters and be sure to pack your underwater camera for selfie heaven!

Now that you’ve got a few options to start your great South African adventure with, be sure to let us know here at Cutty where your favourite spot is. Send us a few selfies from the great outdoors andwe’ll post them. Have a great trip! Tag us in and follow us on …. @CuttyAfrica #cuttyafrica