15 May 2018

After splashing out on the perfect fit of JD jeans, you owe it to yourself to wear it well. Here are a few tips on how to pair it correctly for different occasions. 


Corporate casual

‘Clothes maketh the man’ – this saying may seem a little dramatic, however the truth is that impressions, intentional or unintentional, matter. Arrive at your corporate casual event in less than your best and suddenly you’re perceived as ‘not all that’. Human nature is a fickle mistress. When attending a corporate event, remember to wear dark jeans, JD’s Botham Denim fits the brief. Choose a dressy belt for the occasion, the JD River Belt is a classic and perhaps a pair of brown or tan formal shoes. You are free to choose between a sport’s jacket– but keep it simple – or a slim fitted suit jacket or even a smart pullover – in this particular look we have chosen the JD Mexico Jacket in khaki . The tried and tested cotton shirt will never steer you wrong. This checkered Sergio Shirt will see you turning heads.


Date night

Show that special someone in your life that you care enough to look your best. True romance is easily bruised by a tardy look. Don’t be home to Mr. Scruffy! Date night is the perfect opportunity to show your playful side. Blue jeans and dress shoes are a good match here – JD’s DM81 Denims and the Mag Shoe in navy are featured above. Throw in a fun scarf and a hoody if it’s chilly out and wear your best T. We recommend JD’s Jose Hoody in navy! If you feel like upping the ante, then a sexy leather jacket is just the thing to send her head spinning.


Boys night out

When you and your boys need a good night out where you don’t necessarily need to watch your p’s and q’s, then dressing down your jeans is all part of the experience. Here anything goes. Bring out your Hamilton Denim and put it together with a pair of RS7 Formals, an RPM t-shirt and the Kalvin Jacket in black, for a relaxed and sexy look. Just a thought, don’t wear your favourite pair of white sneakers to the pub because you’re bound to come away with all sorts of nasty stains. Keep the shoes dark.


Music events

Depending on the nature of the event, you have a large scope of styles to choose from. If you find yourself at the opera house listening to the smooth sounds of R&B, then dress those denims up a bit, show your classy look. If it’s outdoor pumping vibes with your closets buds and your best girl, then a casual look is always best. The sport’s jacket is your fall back for chilly winter evenings and a bright, warm hoodie is useful as well as stylish. Leave the brogues at home and whip out the casual shoes for ease and comfort. Put your wardrobe together to suit your music event –find your faves over here.


Dinner with Mom and Dad

Bless their hearts but they call it the generation gap for a reason. Your idea of a stylish and cool look is probably what your parents perceive as sloppy and unkempt. I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your youth and zeal for life, however let’s bring Mom and Dad up to speed nice and slow, shall we? Instead of ripped jeans, wear the good, dark skinny. Instead of your torn T, choose rather from your more ‘sensible’ shirts – try one of our many mercerised golfers and slick denims . Yes, I know this is a drag, but how are we to influence the older generation if we force them onto the back foot at the get go? Smart casual is your best weapon when it comes to dinner with the folks. You catch more bears with honey.


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