15 May 2018

The Soweto International Jazz Festival will be taking place from 14 to 17 June this year. Four days of nothing but jazz and celebration, promises to be a fantastic event. June is traditionally the start of winter and therefor it is important that you choose the right clothes for this weekend escape. Be sure to bring these five Cutty essentials and enjoy the jazz in comfort and style.

Keep your head warm and snug with Cutty’s selection of hip and happening beanies. Doubling up as a save when those bad hair days come calling, the Tour Beanie is the business and deserves its spot in your travel bag. Your next must-have item is your Cutty denims. Cutty’s Freedom Denims are very versatile as they can be dressed up or down with ease.

Cutty has a brilliant selection of sneakers and if you are planning on being on your feet all day long, the Wolf Hightop, is the most comfortable shoe for you. Pack a few T’s for casual comfort, Cutty’s Dominator Tshirt will literally get your ready! And then last but certainly not least, remember your warm and in-between jackets. Cutty’s Champion Jacket in charcoal is the order of the day! Of course, we aren’t suggesting for a moment that you leave behind your other Cutty favourites but these five essentials will ensure that your weekend festival experience will be remembered for all the right reasons. See you at the party!