Who will think differently & change the world of fashion? Who will win the #cuttychinochallenge?

14 Dec 2015

Cutty challenges visionary 2nd year Fashion Production students to make their mark and dare to change the world. To think differently and connect people…Here’s to the crazy ones. The explorers. The rebels. The boundary pushers. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules.

The #cuttychinochallenge will empower students to make a difference and spread their magic with the world. Show your support and vote for them, do not ignore them because they are living, exploring, learning, growing and changing things. They are leaving their mark on the fashion industry.

Join our revolution and make a difference by casting your vote. Be there on the day at UJ FADA campus, 21st of August at 11h30am as the 2nd year Fashion Production students put their designs on show. Enjoy a dynamic performance by TAPSULA as well as more surprise experiences for MAHALA. This is an event that is NOT TO BE MISSED!

The design with the most votes wins!