From the boardroom to the beach – a step-by-step guide to a seamless holiday transition

6 Dec 2017

A wise man once said, “Demonstrating to your staff that there is life outside of work can be a major morale booster that adds significant value to your company.” Give that man a Bell’s! We’re at the tail end of 2017 and as far as the work year is concerned, most of the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed. All that’s left, is for you to employ your amazing boardroom savvy and plan the best holiday ever!

If you break it down to its base elements, a holiday is very similar to a business deal. What you put into it is ultimately what you’ll get out of it. With this in mind, don’t expect to hit your dream destination without a good measure of forward planning and arrangement done and dusted. And whatever you do, don’t think that being away from your everyday life and routine is somehow going to alter who you are as a person. If you hate the beach, don’t plan a coastal holiday. If game drives don’t do it for you, then don’t plan a holiday at a game farm. Knowing yourself is key in ensuring that you choose the perfect holiday break. Whatever your chosen destination, be sure to take care of the basics.

The first thing that can get you hot and bothered is accommodation, or more to the point the lack thereof. Like migrating swallows, South Africans love their coastal holiday breaks. Descending in their droves, said wannabe beach bums hit the highways early and if you leave it too late in the year, you can forget about finding a good spot. So, bright and early, let’s peg it at around March, start making a few calls to letting agents and such and put out feelers to avoid disappointment. Be sure to use only accredited letting agents or you’ll be funding someone else’s holiday at the expense of your own. You’ll know what I mean if the advertised ‘Villa at the water’s edge’, turns out to be a ramshackle two by four on the banks of a dried up river bed.


The next point may seem like an innocuous one but trust me – you want to choose your holiday companions wisely. Spending a few hours at the gym or at the pub with someone is light years removed from spending quantity time in close quarters with someone you may learn to loathe. Many a potentially fantastic holiday has been marred by the pangs of deep regret over ill-chosen mates. Choose companions who have similar interests to you and make sure there aren’t any potential freeloaders aboard.

Set a budget and stick to it! Today’s show off, spend thrift hero is tomorrows regretful pauper. You’ll be amazed at how things add up when you’re on holiday and the drink is flowing freely. You want to take off your shirt, not lose it! If you are holidaying with friends, be sure to set boundaries before you are the one picking up all the tabs. Also, eating out at restaurants can be very enjoyable but it can be rather taxing on the old budget. Don’t be shy to arrange a braai or two at your place and thus make the old proverbial buck go so much further.

The last pointer pertains to packing for your dream holiday. Be sure that your passport and other vital traveling papers are in order well ahead of time. I know of countless hopefuls who had to abandon their ultimate holiday because that highly anticipated Visa never came in time. Pack them separately in a zip lock bag just in case the luggage crew at the airport get trigger happy with your bags and your shampoo ends up all the place. Pack only the clothes you are planning on wearing, no more. If you’re going to leave your vehicle at the airport, find out exactly what the costs involved are and be sure to park it where it will be safe. Don’t tempt fate by leaving valuables in plain sight.


All righty. Now that you’re all clued up on the basics, get ready for sun, fun and rejuvenation. Summer is finally here and with JD you will not only be the best dressed wherever you go, you’ll be the smartest traveller too.

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