From Cape to Casablanca. The Cutty Adventure!

24 May 2017

The world is too big to live in one space and life is too short to only do one thing.

This is the spirit of adventure.

Adventure doesn’t suggest you take the road less travelled. It demands it. It’s about exploring, getting lost, asking ‘why’ and never settling for ‘what if’. And while it isn’t always easy, it’s always worth it because it is in these places that we find ourselves …

And this is where we found Reggie, an artist on a mission to discover art and connect with artists across the continent – to expand his horizon, share his experience with the world and help raise funds for up-and-coming artists back home.

He’s travelling from the Cape all the way up to Casablanca and we’ve kitted him out in the coolest Cutty gear to make sure that wherever he goes, he goes there in style.

We’ll be sharing his journey with you on our Facebook and Instagram, so keep an eye out and spread the word. And who knows, perhaps your and Reggie’s paths are destined to cross…

Happy adventuring.