Charma Maluleka

31 Jul 2017


Diligent, creative, innovative, outgoing, friendly and born to succeed, Charma Maluleka was Made2Fly!!! One of the fastest growing media agencies in the Southern Hemisphere, Made2Fly creative media agency founder and creative director, Charma is on the up. Born in Limpopo and a proud Tsonga, he realised at an early age that the old ‘9 to 5” was not for him.
Charma stepped out and applied his entrepreneurial attitude and skills to his own endeavours and the rest, as they say, is history. His soft spoken manner belies his assertive business persona and watching him in action is a treat. The secret to his business success is simple says Charma – taking that rough diamond and shaping and polishing it until it flies. Unlike most agencies who work exclusively with well-known brands, his agency focuses on shaping great brands from the ground up. His advice to those who wish to succeed – “chase excellence not money because money will come once you achieve excellence”.
Charma had expanded his dreams to New York, where has recently opened another agency. Jonathan D is extremely proud of their brand ambassador, Charma. Dressing him in the latest styles and playing a part in his becoming such an executive mover and shaker has been a pleasure. The sky is the limit and JD is there with you Charma. Fly high.
Check out the latest Tweets from Charma Maluleka(@CharmaDogg).

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JONATHAN D: Who has influenced the growth of your fashion style?

CHARMA: Idris Elba because he is your “every day” kind of man in terms of the way he dresses.

JONATHAN D: What would you say has been the most iconic trend introduced by Jonathan D?

C: Definitely the JD Gingham shirts and the Antonio sneaker.

JONATHAN D: How do you feel when you wear Jonathan D clothing?

C: I feel very “well fitted” as the JD clothing are in line with my personal style.

JONATHAN D: What are you hobbies and passions?

C: Travel and my passion include anything creative (photography, videography, music production, etc.).

JONATHAN D: If you could predict the future, who do you see Jonathan D dressing in 2020?

C: An international actor or personality, someone like Ed Sheeran or Terrence Howard.

JONATHAN D: What would you buy for your brother/father from the 2017 Summer Jonathan D collection?

C: Definitely the JD Gingham shirts, Poland jacket and France Jackets with matching pants. – he hasn’t seen the new range so we can add in our own styles

JONATHAN D: What word comes to mind when you think of Jonathan D fashion?

C: Sophistication.

JONATHAN D: For a great night out, where would you suggest going?

C: The Maslow or Sandton Skye Codfather if with my partner, or Sandton night clubs if with friends.

JONATHAN D: What is your favourite colour?

C: Navy Blue.

JONATHAN D: Packing for a holiday, what is the one thing you will never leave behind?

C: My Camera.