22 Oct 2018

Being an actor, Cornet often switches between his on-screen characters and his own stylish self.  So, the question is, what would Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla of Skeem Saam’s favourite Cutty look be? Well, Cornet is convinced that his choice of outfit would be a Punch tshirt in blue, the Vigorous Sweater, Slick hightop and the Skill Denim shorts. Super cool. It’s always interesting picking the brain of actors, to see what ideas they may have given the opportunity to write and produce their own show. Cornet is no different. His idea is a novel one, in which he would produce a reality show about senior citizens and their love affairs in the 70s. “I’m very interested in their relationship dynamics and the challenges they faced back then”, says Cornet.

Having a genuine interest in people is one of the qualities in Cornet that we at Cutty find so endearing. Apart from his library project, he also hosts, through Cornet Mamabolo Foundation and REDFEST, an annual National Science Week, a rural education festival and runs programs for the community at the library. Busy young man, our Cornet! With all this going on in his life, does our beloved ambassador ever whisk away the love of his life, Lebohang Mdluli, and their children for a fun holiday getaway? Absolutely. ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ they say and Cornet is most definitely not a dull boy. And where would he like to go if given a choice? “I have two dream destinations. Thailand Pattaya – this will be with my partner and kids… actually, with just my partner come to think of it, and Jamaica. I love Caribbean music, dance hall and ragga. Here I would go with a friend or two. A friend that loves that type of music or culture.” Now that sounds like fun.

It’s no secret that boys all over the world, love their toys. Cornet’s favourite electronic gadget is his PS4 and if he could own any car he liked, it would be the Ferrari 488 Spider. Nice. What about outdoor passions? You’d be surprised to learn that Cornet is no shrinking violet when it comes to gathering. He is adept at hunting and it’s one of his favourite pass times. A man of many talents it would seem. With all these amazing talents and qualities, we wanted to know where Cornet draws his inspiration from and who has influenced him so positively. “I believe in the philosophy of recognizing others before myself because of my parents, being selfless and doing what you love.  More importantly, to always remember the road that will lead you back home, remembrance and contributing to the community, is a lesson my parents instilled in me”, says Cornet. Cutty is proud to have you onboard Cornet.