Cutty pays homage to denim

4 Oct 2017

Fun Fact: The word denim comes from “de Nimes”, a French town where the fabric was said to be first made – but American jeans were made with US denim.

“Jeans still have a badge of individuality even if you buy them off the rack.” “It’s not just a three-dimensional material, it’s four-dimensional because it changes with time as well. The eternal appeal of jeans is just that they reflect us and they reflect the lives that we’ve had in them.” Paul Trynka

Even before screen legends like Elvis Presley and James Dean made the denim look their own, this revolutionary fabric was an entity all on its own. Durable, always in style and extremely versatile, the reasons and the way that denim has been worn has changed somewhat through the ages, but one thing that will never change, is its popularity and sex appeal. From cowboys, supermodels, presidents, movie icons and rock stars to Joe Blogs, denim is the special ingredient that adds something spectacular to any outfit. We all have our own reasons for wearing denims. Some because it’s durable and others because it’s trendy and sexy, but make no mistake, denim is here to stay.


The popular Cutty Yale jean is the perfect example of a modern twist on the timeless classic.

Let’s turn back the pages of time and have a look at the history of this effortlessly cool, wardrobe essential. It may surprise you to know that May 20, 1873 is presently regarded as the birth date of blue jeans. Back then of course jeans were designed for workers and miners and it was only in the 1950’s that the influence of the music and film industry started the trend of using jeans as a fashion statement. Synonymous with youth and rebellion, jeans naturally became the symbol of cool for both young and not so young. It’s hard to imagine a scene from Woodstock without the familiar flower power generation kitted out in those tell-tale bell bottoms.


Trends may come and go. The must-have look this season ripped – available at a Cutty retailer near you.

The 1980’s saw fashion designers everywhere adopting denim as the number one fabric of choice. Interesting designs and a diversity of clothing items made from denim where and are the go-to choice in a fast pace world. Denim has arguably had its biggest influence in the music world. Rap, pop, rock and roll and hip-hop artists alike, have all put their unique stamp on their denim item of choice. Woven into lyrics and worn to perfection, denim jeans are part and parcel of street culture.


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Fast forward to spring 2017. Why not dedicate this season to denim? Cutty has gone far and wide to ensure that the Cutty Man will turn heads and set tongues wagging in his denim jeans. Black, blue, faded or ripped, denim will turn your average day into one to remember.

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