15 Feb 2016

The word “Sneaker” was originally named after the quiet effect such shoes had on the ground? Someone wearing these rubber-soled shoes could “sneak up” on you from behind!

Sneakers go back all the way to the late 18th Century when the first rubber soled shoes (Plimsolls) were worn.
In the 1970s Sneakers crossed over from sports to fashion, when they became an important part of hip hop and rock ‘n roll cultures.

To this present day, these awesome rubber soled shoes have not lost their appeal or charm..
Sneakers are not age or gender specific, they are extremely comfortable, economical and hard wearing… no small wonder they are undoubtedly some of the most popular shoes around!

For the Summer of 2014, Cutty is ecstatic to introduce it’s Superior Sneaker Selection! Something well worth making a noise about.

With their cotton uppers and 100% rubber soles these sneakers have been made to last..

They have also complimented current fashion trends with respect to colours… “Go MONO”!! Whether it’s white on white, black on black, or red on red… your matching shoe and sole are sure to be the envy of the “in crowd”.. Talking of which, their highly fashionable Grey Joggers can be complimented by light or charcoal grey Cutty Sneakers – a perfect match to a perfect Fashion Statement.

In addition to their variety in colour, this sneaker range shows great variety with respect to style too. Whether it’s an original or a high-top, your perfect Summer sneaker solution is in stores now!

And the fact that they are such great value, means that there is no end to the variety of Cutty Sneakers you can collect.
Cutty is available online at Spree and Zando, or in select Edgars and Skipper Bar stores and a wide range of independent stores.