Cutty’s Top Six Winter Wishlist

14 Jun 2017

Can you believe it? Winter’s here and it’s time to get excited. We’ve picked our top six items for your winter wishlist to make sure your style’s trendproof and bringing the heat, whatever the weather.

Let’s do this.

  1. First up, trendsetting troursers. Cutty’s Clip slim fit pants sport multiple cargo-style pockets and cool branded detailing – perfect for casual hangs to hot nights out.
  1. Because denims are a definite do, they’re up next. This season, go for something that grabs attention, something with distressed detailing like rip ‘n repair denim, zippers on the knees and all kinds of cool design. Something like Cutty’s Frame denims.
  1. Next up, footwear. Get the height of hi-top styling with Cutty’s Cruiser 100% leather boots. From jagged-edge outsoles to branded embossing on the heel, these cool kicks have it all.
  1. So now that your bottom half is taken care of, let’s talk jackets. Rock the layered look with Cutty’s Control jacket. The hood is detachable, it’s padded and lined with a snug jersey fabric, making it the perfect must-have for awesome winter adventures.
  1. For less chill days, let’s talk Cutty’s Funnel sweat. It sports this winter’s hottest designs, a shawl neck collar. Add melange fabric with a striped finish to the mix and you’ve got a stylish winter staple.
  1. Lastly, accessories, and by accessories we mean bags – but not just any bag, Cutty’s Plain kit bag. This duffel bag sports multiple compartments to safely store your swag. Going places? You bet.

Now, all you need to do is find your nearest store. So head on over to and select the STORE LOCATOR. Fill in your AREA and type the name of the item you’re looking for in the ENTER STYLE section. Hit FIND STORES and away you go.

Happy winter shopping!