13 Mar 2019

So, you’ve snagged a date with that gorgeous amashwang-shweng at the office. Now what? You better not arrive on her doorstep dressed like a chop or some other smooth dude with all the right moves will whip her right out from under your nose. Dressing well shows her that you are all about respecting her and her opinion, so no shortcuts. Well, don’t sweat it. As always, Cutty has a few tips on how to keep the girl once you’ve snagged her.

Firstly, wear something that will enhance the shape of your body. Granted, not every man can look like he’s been living at the gym but with the right cut of clothing, you can go from Mr. Average to Mr. Smooth in one easy step. Secondly, women are suckers for detail. All you have to do to prove this point is look at the average honey’s outfit and you’ll see what we mean. There’s a place for everything and everything has its place. Don’t be pitching up at your honey without a few key accessories to finish off that killer look you’re going for. A sexy dress watch, quality shoes, a scarf, a beanie, etc.

Let’s talk cologne. I have never ever met a fine women who’s knees can resist a man who smells fresh. Like bears to honey is a girl to a dude with a cologne waft. Not too much mind you! You don’t want to anaesthetize her, you’re aiming to impress. Stick to a few rules and you’ll have to swat off them honey.

Rule 1: Consider your build. If you are all man plus a little something extra, then don’t you worry. What you need to remember is that wearing black will change your life. Avoid wearing white and bright colours.

Rule 2: Coordinate your colours: No more than two, maximum three colours per outfit.

Rule 3: Don’t be a slave to fashion. There are just some things better left alone. Just because it’s all the rage doesn’t mean you have to squeeze your fine self into it. Skinny jeans yes, legging types bad!

Rule 4: This is the clincher so pay attention! Never look sloppy! Relaxed is good, sloppy is just disrespectful. The number one thing that women look for in a first date is effort. Make an effort to impress her and you’re half way there.

Now that you have a few dos and don’ts under your belt, be sure to check out Cutty’s Style Guide just in case you’re still a little unsure. May the force be with you!