Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man!

4 Oct 2017

Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man! – American band, ZZ Top

There is a certain appreciation for men who make an effort to look good. Timeless, classic items of clothing should be the foundation of every man’s look. That dark and broody smoking jacket that transforms the wearer into a James-Bond-like enigma; the cheeky, tight fitting denims that drives the ladies gaga. Yes, the essential classics will never go out of style. “Fashion is about showing off the latest in designer trends, while men’s style rarely changes over time. The goal is not to have the clothing do the talking for you. Instead, the idea is to find and develop your own image. A way of showing the world who you are, even before you do or say anything,” says an anonymous but infinitely wise man. Here then, a few go-to, no-regrets pieces that should always have pride of place in your wardrobe gentlemen.

The navy blue dinner/sports jacket is first in the list of must haves. No matter what you choose to wear or where you choose to go, a good jacket makes all the difference and gives the wearer an air of style and sophistication. Whilst on the subject of dinner jackets, you may want to invest in a few colourful pocket squares – yes, they add that something special and somehow completes the look. Next item worth having is the classic Khaki Chinos. The Chino can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and impresses either way. Khaki is particularly useful as it can be matched with just about every colour known to man. Finish it off with a classy thin patent leather belt and hey presto – the business!


Jonathan D Africa style Ambassadors Shwi and Khuzani, with model Etienne show off their effortless style with Jonathan D jackets. Shwi wears the France Jacket, Khuzani wears the Falcon Jacket and Etienne the France Jacket. Find one of these jackets near you.

The classic, white, dress shirt is a no brainer. Lend class to whatever you choose to wear, be it smart dress pants or tight fitting jeans. The iconic white dress shirt absolutely deserves a prime spot in any gentleman’s wardrobe. While we’re on the subject of dress shirts, don’t forget the stalwart pale blue, button down shirt – another crowd pleaser. A man’s tie says a lot about his mood. Thin, wide, colourful or plain – your tie reveals to others that which is uniquely you. You can never have too many polo shirts. Useful as the day is long, they are the building blocks to a good style foundation.


Sharp dresser and JD Influencer Charma from Made2Fly Creative rocks the classic Chinese collar white shirt with black detail.

Shoes! A secret passion of scores. Choose wisely though as a good pair of shoes will take you far. When it comes to shoes, don’t think of cost, think of value. You get what you pay for as the saying goes, so splash out just a little and step out in style. The classic time piece is a thing of beauty. Your watch is your opportunity to make a statement. Be sure to have a quality dress watch for that special occasion. A timeless investment. Add to your repertoire a classy pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go.


You can’t go wrong in a pair of Lamar loafers, part of the Jonathan D Summer collection – they will take you from the boardroom to the festival! Check out the summer catalogue for these and other must-have shoes, https://gacreativebrands.co.za/jonathan-d-catalogue/.

The JD man is one of sophistication and charm. Now that you have your basic classic items ready to go, this season promises to be one of distinction.

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