Find something NEW this WINTER with CUTTY

4 Feb 2018

Don’t be dull and dreary this winter. Don’t recycle last winter’s same old same old. Cutty designers are rocking around the clock to guarantee the #CUTTYCLAN nothing but the newest, most stylish winter look this side of Funky Town.

Winter is absolutely the best season of the year to show off your swagger. In fact, if your little black book has taken a bit of a hit of late, then sharpen your pencil my good man because you’re going to be writing down a whole new portfolio full of new names of keen honeys in there, desperately hinting at a date with the swankiest man in town. Visit your nearest store and let Cutty set you up for the winter of zero discontent – like only #CuttyAfrica can.

#CuttyWinter2018 swagger so on point!



Picture it. It’s cold. You’ve built the perfect fire and now you, a few of your bro’s and the baes are enjoying a few drinks and swapping outdoor adventure stories. Sound good? This winter #CuttyAfrica is working on the best ever warm, outdoor adventure pieces to keep you warm and cozy. If adventure and living on the edge is what you get up for in the morning then Cutty has your back. With Cutty you can be sure that you are always prepared and looking pretty hot to boot.

Happy trails boys.

Bringing fire power to the urban jungle with the #CuttyRevolution!


Find your STYLE this WINTER with CUTTY

The fact that we are a rainbow nation drives the team of designers at #CuttyAfrica to assure the Cutty Man that he will be more than happy with the variety of winter wear to choose from. Churning out drab clothes for the masses doesn’t happen here. Find your unique style this winter. A look that will complement your lifestyle, be it indoors or outdoors. Whether you choose to conquer the jungles of the world or the concrete jungle, with Cutty you’ll make your mark.

And remember, style matters.

#CornetM is unstoppable in this velvety, on point in the Inferno hoodie. #unstoppabletrain


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