Men’s Stylish Active Wear Fashion for 2019

29 Apr 2019

Tips to find the latest men’s stylish active wear

Here at Cutty, we help you choose the right clothing for your active lifestyle. We have designed the very best in active wear that does double-duty; allowing you to work out in style and comfort, and updating your wardrobe for stepping out on the town. Enjoy these tips to find the latest men’s stylish active wear with Cutty and check out the Winter Catalogue.

1. Hitting the treadmill

According to a survey done recently in the UK, it seems that the popularity of the old treadmill is soaring. Virtual running, precision running, you name it, it’s back! A quick little run on the treadmill will see you fit and bouncy for those late-night party sessions, so get shopping for tracks and sneakers. It’s hard to turn these days without tripping over a fitness festival. The health trend is taking off globally and South Africans have always loved their outdoor activities. From colour runs to marathons and river Dusi’s, we’ve got it covered. All you need to do is get to your nearest Cutty store and get your active wear going on!

2. Create an eating plan

They say that exercise is but a small part of getting into shape. An eating plan is necessary to shift the bulge and in todays world of smartphones and such, you’re just a click away from a nutrition app. There are literally more apps telling you what to and what not to eat than you can shake a fork at. So best to dive in and take a stab at it until you find the one that works for you. The buzz word is whole foods…that’s the only clue you’re gonna get here, so start looking.

3. Looking good

Kick it in activewear the retro way, with this winter’s new collection of Cutty trackies. Made from a tricot fabric, the Launch trackpants sport printed panels on the sides, zipper detailing on the leg opening and a ribbed waistband with drawcord for added comfort. Plus, they come in three cool colourways, so you can look dope every day. Made from a run-free tricot fabric, the Galaxy tracktop sports contrast paneled detailing, a classic ribbed collar, cuffs and hem, zip-up close and rubber branding on the chest. Plays nicely paired with galaxy trackpants leaving you with a choice of fantastic sneakers to complete the look. Cutty has a wide range of ultra-light sneakers that will get the job done while you look like a pro.

4. Hire a personal trainer

Most of us are a little slack when it comes to motivating ourselves to exercise. This is where a personal trainer is invaluable. Here are a few tips on choosing the one that’s right for you. First things first. Check out your prospective trainer’s credentials. You are entrusting this person with your health and well being and therefor it’s important to choose someone who is qualified for the task. Secondly, don’t pay all that hard-earned cash if you’re going to disregard what your trainer is telling you to do. Stick to your programme and speak up if there are aspects that aren’t working for you. A good personal trainer will work his or her magic around your needs, so don’t be shy to give your input. Thirdly, there’s no point in streaking ahead half-cocked. Set goals with your trainer so that when you attain them, you will feel that you are progressing. And lastly, DON’T BE LATE! Training sessions are worked out to the minute and if you’re not putting in the time according to your plan, you are setting yourself up for failure. Commit and you’ll be smiling when comes summertime, you’re all buff and slim.

Cutty even has the towels and bags to make the exercise adventure a stylish one. So, follow these tips and invest in the latest men’s stylish active wear this winter with Cutty!