3 Aug 2018

Break out the cocktail glasses, grab your sunglasses and call up your crew and the honeys…it’s SUMMER TIME BABY! Pack away winter woollies and get to a Cutty store near you, ASAP! Our designers have been slogging through the long winter, putting together a brand-new look for our Cutty Clan and it’s oh so fine!

It’s pretty easy looking your well-put-together self in winter because you can layer up for that perfect dude look. Summer is a different story. With less clothes on your back, you need to make sure that what you’re wearing is the bomb. Cutty’s Style Guide is your guarantee to perfectly matched outfits all day long, making you the man of the hour wherever you go. This summer we’re talking PRIME! Prime colours are all the rage and the Cutty Clan (link to Cutty ambassadors will be strutting their prime selves in plenty of reds and blues this season. Sexy denims with striking badges, the iconic summer flip flop and a serious collection of hot prints on T’s are going to keep you looking your very best this summer.

And, of course, what would summer under the African sun be without those all-important accessories, caps, belts, bags, etc. Cutty has a whole new range of gift ideas just for you. If you look closely you may even find a little something to spoil your special girl with – a pink Cutty backpack for instance. Yes, at Cutty we like to spread the love of style and designing items that you can share with your honey is our way of saying, “We appreciate your loyalty Cutty Clan – let’s spread the love.”

Now, a quick colour combo chat. Remember the rules of the old colour wheel when you’re not sure what to wear with that very red or blue Cutty T. Keep in mind that you want to enjoy the hottest summer cocktails, not look like one. Denim is probably one of the most forgiving items you will ever own. It seems to go with most colours, so if you have a few denim shorts and the very versatile denim longs in your closet, you’re halfway there. The rule is simple. Bright colours at the top, basic colours at the bottom and vice versa. Be sure to keep an eye out for Cutty’s Summer Style tips a and let’s keep it fresh and cool.

Have a great #SummerOfCutty