JD celebrates 40 years and brings you a SEASON OF DISTINCTION, starting with our new denim range

28 Feb 2018

Celebrating 40 years of producing clothing of distinction to loyal customers, is a memorable milestone in anyone’s book. #JonathanDAfrica is particularly proud to wear this badge of honour with pride. As the clothes have changed through the years, fashions have come and gone. Two things are as certain as death and taxes though when it comes to the garments that JD deliver – STYLE and QUALITY.

In this edition, we’re going to focus on the journey of the humble JD denim. There’s no denying that when it comes to this particular fashion staple, very few rivals have been able to hold a candle. For the past 40 years JD men have made “them blue jeans talk” and the ladies are grateful. Whether at work or play, dressed up or down, the denim is a force to be reckoned with. So let’s have a throwback moment and have a look at how the JD denim has journeyed from then ‘til now.

It’s the mid 70’s and platforms and polyester is plentiful. Fun clothing is at the heart of every designer and disco is king. Did someone say bell bottoms? But what was JD doing with the star of the show, the denim? Rocking it of course! Creating a memorable selection of denims fit for the 70’s era of colour and funk. That’s what JD was doing.

After the very busy 70’s, the 80’s dawned with the awakening of technological breakthroughs and the birth of brand endorsements and high waist bottoms. Slightly more subdued, this decade was one of great influence. Acid washed denims were way cool and hit the fashion houses like a sledgehammer! Meanwhile, back at the drawing board, JD was getting stronger and collecting a steady following of male clientele looking for clothes just that little bit different. Something stylish of course but always quality driven.

It was during the 90’s that denim was propelled to stardom. If your denims weren’t tapered you were obviously not one of the ‘in crowd’ – those funky, super cool kids. Boy bands were all the rage and tight denims were hitting the markets in a big way. Skinny jeans were in and JD was hitting the drawing board hard. Still stylish, still outstanding quality but getting gearing for the new millennium whilst at it!

The year 2000! Technology had no feared and ill-predicted meltdowns, the personal PC’s and smartphones came into their own in a big way and life carried on as usual. And JD? Well the good news is that in the new millennium the old favourites like JD simply kicked it up a gear from strong and steady to bigger and better and stronger. Keep an eye on men’s fashion at JD this year, and specifically this winter because you’re all in for a treat!


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