JD – your personal stylist: Summer Tip #2, getting wardrobe ready for summer’s holiday fun and late night festivities.

14 Nov 2017

Summer is slowly waking up from her slumber and the promise of holiday fun and late night festivities is looming large on the horizon. JD style icons, don’t get caught napping! There’s no time like the present to gear up for the festive season and what better way than to fill your closet to capacity with stylish summer menswear. It couldn’t be easier with the help of the JD store locator. Stuck for ideas? Browse the summer range catalogue on-line at for inspiration.

Introducing: SA Music Events with Jonathan D!

It was only a matter of time before SA’s leading menswear distributor – GA Creative Brands, home of Jonathan D Africa, would bring you a new and exciting new guide to live your amazing life in SA! SA MUSIC EVENTS bring you top South African music, including Maskandi festivals! Find out what’s hot and what’s happening and where to find it all! We brought you some of SA’s leading menswear clothing ranges, now we bring you the latest music, the latest styles and the latest entertainment news!



November is a brilliant month for interesting events. From Origin Coffee Cupping to The Sixth Annual Tshwane Dance Festival and FNB Whisky Live Festival, your social calendar is sure to fill up quickly. Hot Summer Professionals, this season is for you. From work to play, JD has you covered. A sassy little combo of France Jacket and Trousers, completed with a classic Cyprus shirt, will stand you in good stead at any boardroom shindig. Move seamlessly from work to play, slip on your sandals, don your choice of Aviation or Harmony Golfer shirt and Congo Shorts and you’re ready to party.


The big summer news is that JD Ambassador, Khuzani, is so pleased with the quality and style of the clothing that he has signed on for another season. Looking forward to seeing more stylish brand collaborations.



Charma Maluleka is cutting through his industry like a hot knife through butter. Enjoying much success, he is proudly wearing JD wherever he goes. Keen on getting to know him a little better, we caught up with this busy business icon and asked him a few questions.



Q: As you are such a seasoned traveller, what is your favourite ‘must-have’ JD garment?

A: I take the JD shades everywhere I go. Besides the shades, my must have garment is the Aspin golfer t-shirt without a doubt.


Q: What does JD mean to you?

A: Jonathan D means “one stop shop” for me as I get such a wide variety of gents wear from one clothing label and don’t have to shop around across different brands to get different looks for my personal style. From socks to underwear, to pants, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, hats, caps and now sunglasses and watches too.


Q: When you feel a weekend getaway coming on, do you shop on-line for you JD look or do you prefer to shop in-store?

A: Depends on how much time I have before the getaway. If I’m pressed for time then it’s definitely the convenience of the online store, Zando, but if I have time then I prefer to shop in-store.


Q: Tell us more about you New York office.

A: It’s an office and not a store by the way. My company Made2FlyCreative, partnered with a US company to open a Made2Fly “mini branch” where we provide graphic & web design services to various businesses in NY that are starting out and don’t have the big budgets but still want proper quality work to help grow their businesses. We only have three permanent employees so it’s still quite small but I strongly believe that by 2020 we should be employing more people and should have bigger clients. My reason for opening a branch in NY is because I feel Made2FlyCreative has something to offer the international market so where better to start the “global industry takeover” rather than the big apple?


Q: You are always surrounded by such beautiful ladies. What do you look for in a model?

A: I look for ambition, passion and exceptional talent. Beauty alone is not enough, so they would need to have much more to offer. What I’m trying to do is groom a new generation of self-loving, self-empowered, hard-working and ambitious young women who will grow to inspire and empower fellow young women through their work. So it’s very key to handpick individuals who have good personal brands and have the ability to grow into future role models. @teammade2fly


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