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About Jonathan D

“In the company of wolves, one sits in silence”
In 1978 a brand was born. A brand that aimed to push the boundaries of sophistication and elegance for the older gentleman. For decades, this brand adapted and thrived and became synonymous with the man other men wanted to be. From tailored apparel to statement footwear, the name JD was on the lips of all the right people.

With the changing climate of South Africa, however, a new need emerged: the need to start the younger, hungrier generation of men on their journey to success. To allow these men to thrive in the modern, professional world without breaking the bank, while still maintaining their individuality.

These are the men that have shaped the JD of today.

JD focuses on strong, simple, yet powerful designs portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own. While being on-trend with subtle enhanced styling, our collections are cohesive, confident, versatile and easily styled. When designing, we think global and act local, imagining every possibility for uplifting the community that has shaped the brand we’ve become today.

By continuously having our finger on the pulse of society and knowing the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s of all things trending and all things aspirational, we have become the brand that dresses the game-changers of tomorrow.

JD Winter Range

This winter the JONATHAN D menswear collection  consists of clean cut product elevated by the new JD Icon. The JD range is fresh and dynamic with bright colours and bold patterns complimented with our new footwear. Checkout our JD look book for the latest styles and trends.