King of the Blue Nation and Jonathan D ambassador Khuzani tells all about South African Maskandi music

4 Jun 2019

Flushed with success after his latest concert at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Khuzani is enjoying the spoils. Soft spoken, gentlemanly and passionate, this talented and beloved Maskandi artist is a busy man. From the tender age of 14, Khuzani has been nurturing his love for Maskandi, building on the foundation set for this powerful music genre by icons of old. Influenced by Mgqumeni and Mtshengiseni, the young hopeful was determined to make it big in the industry. The rural areas where he grew up, provided much stimulation, as Maskandi has been a driving force for many young people through the generations. When first he started performing, Khuzani immersed himself in the experience and the adulation from the crowd inspired him to do more and more.

As with all artists, his music has changed and developed over the years but he has always remained true to the art of Maskandi, telling the stories of daily life through his lyrics. He finds inspiration in gospel music and likes to listen to various other artists. When asked who some up-and-coming Maskandi artist he thinks South Africa should pay attention to, his answer was swift – Dumakahle.Khuzani has always been a firm believer in spreading around success and to this end he has been mentoring young Dumakahle, signing him to his production company.

Not merely a musician, Khuzani has launched his own fragrance. Now fans can wear his Jonathan D brand as well as his signature scent. “I am excited about the launch of my perfume. I came up with it because I know young people like to dress up. I know dressing up goes with smelling good. It will be sold in shops but we’re still busy with negotiations,” says Khuzani. A true ‘man of the people’, is our ambassador, Khuzani. The Blue Nation, as his large fanbase is known, are very dedicated to him. But why blue? “Blue is the colour used to represent a King, that’s why it’s called Royal Blue,” says Khuzani and thus the royal colour seemed the only choice for him.

And as for his views on Maskandi. “The future of Maskandi is bright. I see all genres following after it because it’s improving day by day and in the next five years, it will go all over the world,” he says with eyes filled with pride and hope. We, at Jonathan D, stand behind this brilliant, shining star and promise to bring only the very best style to our fans, in keeping with the royal tradition of kings.