Lift your game with #CuttySummer2017 styles

12 Sep 2017

Get your funkiest Cutty look ready and stock up on tonic water boys…the Soweto Gin Festival is upon us! For the first time EVER, Soweto will be hosting a festival that showcases local and internationally renowned gin. Tickets are selling like cool cockta on a blisteringly hot day, so you better hurry and book yours!

Most would argue that the gin alone is more than enough of an attraction to attend these festivities but to throw in a little something special, organisers have secured a music line up fit for Soweto swag. Artists entertaining on the day are Sphectacula & DJ Naves, 2KZA, ThaˍMuzic, Bilal, Playgal, Zero, Stokie, Big Sky, Mad On Dough, Mr X and Rhythm Sessions. All this and more will be hosted at Icon in Soweto on 30 September from 11am to 6pm.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of swag Ticket Denims, the Thermo Hoodie, Sam sneakers and a few super-fly accessories.

If you’re the curious kind of chap, then here are few interesting gin facts you may want to share with the boys at your next throw down. Unlike other spirits, gin is always enjoyed with a mix or in a cocktail – excellent excuse to get out that cocktail recipe book. There are more classic cocktails made with gin than with any other spirit, so you may want to stock up on this handy jungle juice. Although gin is the national drink of England, it was actually first made in Holland – hence the phrase “Dutch courage”. Before James Bond hijacked the martini, it was originally made with gin and not vodka as this secret agent would suggest.

This next fact is going to make you very happy. Gin can be used for medicinal purposes. Yeehaa! The Royal Navy mixed gin with lime cordial to stop scurvy and angostura settled the stomach at sea. Tonic water with quinine was anti-malarial, giving them a great excuse to drink more gin and tonics and if it works for the Royal Navy, then who are we to argue? Struggling to decide on your next holiday destination? Choose the Philippines – they drink 43% of all the gin produced globally. Runners up, Spain, is also not a shabby choice as you are sure to enjoy your favourite gin cocktail there too. There you have it – a gin 101, just for you. Be sure to attend this amazing debut gin shindig and Cutty, as always, will make sure that you are suitably dressed for a swinging time.


Cutty Ambassador, Cornet M, works it in a pair of Delta Cargos, the Knife Tee and Cutty signature Seth shoes.

For the Cutty clan at the coast, don’t despair. The Franschoek Uncorked Festival from 16 to 17 September is especially for you. Get ready for a weekend of wine tastings and entertainment par excellence. Buy an Uncorked pass for the weekend which will secure you access to all the wine farms and a complimentary tasting glass and tastings of the wines on show. Bottoms up baby! Live music, giant Jenga and Spanish inspired entertainment makes this a festival with wide appeal. Wine tasting can be hungry work. The Cutty Summer range will have you styling in the latest threads, so charge your wardrobe with the latest looks and visit a Cutty retailer near you.

It’s Spring Festival Madness and Cutty is there with you all the way.     

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