Men’s Winter Fashion for 2019

20 Mar 2019

Tips to get in-your-face style with swagger and attitude with #CuttyWinter2019

Don’t let a little ‘chill’ catch you unaware! Cutty men are always prepared. Winter is the season when you can take your style to the next level. It’s your ‘legit’ excuse to pile on those fantastically stylish Cutty layers, like a boss!

Cornet wears the CORD TROUSER in navy, the SCUBA T, the AUTO SLEEVELESS JACKET in blue and the SING SNEAKER in navy. Mthandeni wears the TIGER DENIMS, THE SKULL T, the COMET LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET and the MMP STREET SNEAKER.

Bring a ray of sunshine to the gloomy greys of winter. Cutty’s winter 2019 range will brighten up even the dullest of days and as always, the Cutty Clan will be the trendiest boys on the block. The mark of a Cutty man is his style but more importantly, he’s always prepared. Winter is the season when you can take your style to the next level – your ‘legit’ excuse to pile on those dope Cutty layers, like a boss! As with every season, Cutty’s designers are all over the latest trends in men’s winter fashion and Winter 2019 is rich with colour, textures and practical style that wears like a second skin. #CuttyCares about their fans and especially about the world around them. Not just style, but lifestyle, is where Cutty comes to the rescue. So, pay it forward clan – spread the love and care this winter.

What are some of these season’s wardrobe must have’s? If you are going to buy anything, the Auto Sleeveless Jacket, a pair of Tiger Denims and the Sing Sneakers will always keep you stylin! They can be mixed and matched with other pieces, and can take your from the workplace, to the workout and then out with your crew.

This chilly season, the Cutty men are seeing red. Yes, red is the new black and what better colour to warm up a cold and grey season. Our international trend alerts find us heading towards tracksuits, a wide selection of denims, leisure jackets and T’s and the coolest winter accessories. Not to be outdone by our overseas contemporaries, here at Cutty, we have, as always, perfected the winter look, keeping our clan on top of the style pile. Every season has its favourites and Cutty Winter 2019’s big number is sure to be the Velocity Padded Jacket. Sex appeal covered in badges for days and print detailing, this durable zip-up jacket has a zip pocket on the left sleeve, complete with Cutty keyring, and a signature branded print on the lining. Better put some pepper spray in those snazzy pockets, boys, cause them girls are gonna want ya!

Mthandeni wears his signature range EXPLODE GOLFER, the TANK CARGO in navy and the MUSIC HAT in navy.

The Mthandeni inspired Igcokama Elisha Cutty brand is taking winter by the scruff of the neck and showing the cold that Cutty men aren’t afraid. You couldn’t look funkier in this label if you tried. It’s all about standing out in a crowd. We have made sure that you will always be your bright and cheery self, no matter where you are. Our sporty wardrobe essentials and sneakers will give you that extra bit of oomph to shine where ever you may go. So, click on your Cutty’s store finder  and visit your nearest Cutty store and let’s make 2019 a year of peace, prosperity and fabulous style!

Wear it. Live it. Love it!