Mthandeni loves Cutty’s Premier Jacket

20 Mar 2017

Dress like you’re famous

Gents, the time is coming to start layering up. That’s right, we’re moving towards jacket season and it’s all good because we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot when it comes to what to wear this winter.

We’ve asked super star, Mthandeni, to share his style tips to make sure you’re turning heads and signing autographs.

Here’s Mthandeni’s fashion advice.

First up, while coats are cool they’re also a bit old school. Instead, go for lighter-weighted jackets that have a waterproof(ish) finish. The lightweight fabric lets you move freely and keeps the wind out and the warmth in. It also means you can wear it over your favourite sweatshirt or tee, which makes going from warmer to cooler weather as easy as one, two, ‘darn that looks good’. Next up, let’s talk finish. Colour blocking is hot this winter, so snap up anything that rocks the style and you can’t go wrong!

So what’s Mthandeni’s top choice when it comes to combining all of the above into the ultimate winter jacket? Cutty’s Premier jacket. It sports everything from a lightweight nylon fabric for complete freedom of movement, to contrasting collar detailing all wrapped up in a slick, white colourway.

Wear it, live it, love it!