22 Oct 2018

Ndumi Mavimbela is no stranger when it comes to style and class. Delightful extrovert, born to be in front of the camera, lover of all things beautiful, blogger, keen traveler, foodie, generous to a fault and absolutely ravishing to look at, this trend setter and fashion icon is shooting for the stars. JD caught up with the very busy young lady for a chat about how she sees the stylish world of men’s fashion enfolding in the 21stCentury.

“What instantly attracts me to a man, is the way he wears his style. A well-groomed and well-dressed man is such a turn on. I love seeing a man in a crisp, white shirt and a black suit that fits well or even a man who’s dressed in smart casual. I often give my male friends advice on how to look their best. It’s appreciated when a lady gives a man some insight into what the fairer sex like. FYI, I simply can’t resist a man in smart casual dress – just saying.

As far as summer trends for this year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for international inspiration and colourful shorts are trending at the moment. And so are T-shirts with printed designs, denim jackets and denim jeans – iconic as always and never seem to go out of fashion. As timeless as denim is, so is the importance of looking sharp to the men of South Africa. All the men I know, love to look good and it’s become a very large part of our urban culture. Looking good makes them feel good about themselves and therefor more confident and nothing is sexier than a confident man.

I’ve seen a resurgence of the ‘metro man’ amongst my peers, men who are especially meticulous about grooming and appearance, not afraid to go out there and shop for what they want. That’s where Jonathan D is so fantastic. Even metro men need a little help every now and again and having a brand like JD that encourages uncompromising quality and style that is relevant to our generation is priceless. Building up a wardrobe is serious business and thankfully with JD it’s not only worth it but also fun.

Accessories are very important when it comes to jazzing up an outfit and it’s great that JD is offering the men out there such amazing items to choose from. I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of JD golf shirts (select one of the more trendy golfers and link here)and cheeky shorts (link to a colourful JD short)on the men of Jozi and surrounds this season. Afterall it’s summer and the time is right to show some leg. I’m looking forward to a summer of style and fun!” says Ndumi.

Well, there you have it men. A few wise words from one of SA’s finest ladies of fashion. To follow this SA beauty on Instagram and Twitter visit http://ndumimavimbela.co.za and take it from there. We at JD will certainly be keeping an eye on this rising star and look forward to seeing our JD men on her arm. Class attracts class and you can take that to the bank. Live the #JDiVukilelife with Jonathan D.