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In the dictionary, beside the phrase, “Sophisticated traveling man”, is sure to be a picture of Charma Maluleka, entrepreneur, beloved Jonathan D ambassador and the force behind the ‘Made2Fly’ brand. Diligent, creative, innovative, outgoing, friendly and born to succeed, Charma has made JD clothing his label of choice. A true patriot, it is his dream in 2019 to travel throughout South Africa and find as many hidden gems as his busy schedule allows. Naturally, where he goes, JD goes with him, bringing top men’s style to the nation.

Who is the man behind the success? Charma holds fast that values are his rudder and respect and diligence are his sails. As a father, it is important to him to leave a legacy of love and respect to his children and he revels in the fact that they see him as their super hero. Charma takes this philosophy through to his relationship with fiends. Respect, dedication and compassion are his top priority. He goes out of his way to be a good friend and trusts that one day, if he ever needed it, his friends would reciprocate.

He feels that the business environment is always evolving. What was a big success in the business world two years ago, may have completely faded by this year, so the choice is simple – either you keep evolving, growing and getting better or stay the same and sink. Charma is, by his own admission, far too ambitious to remain where he’s at. Says Charma, “Chase the vision, not the money, and the wealth will end up following you. Money should never be chased as I believe that money is a by-product of hard work, consistency, perseverance and dedication. Just like building a house, you lay one brick at a time and eventually you will have a complete house. You can’t just build a door and then expect to have a complete house. Success is not a “quick fix” but rather a lifestyle.”

When asked who he’d like to sit down with for an interesting dinner, Rihanna’s name did pop up more than once…sadly, she seems to have lost his invitation in the mail. On a serious note though, icons the likes of Richard MaponyaNicky OppenheimerAliko DangoteAllan Grey and Patrice Motsepe, all get the nod. Charma would love to pick their collective business brain for a few nuggets to greater success.

Whatever 2019 may have in store for Charma, we here at JD are looking forward to seeing him attain much success in both his business and personal life. We value his acumen and it is our pleasure to have him as a brand ambassador.

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How has being a JD ambassador changed your views on men’s style?

I am now more aware of the different ranges that JD offers and the different options I have to choose from. My personal dress style has changed thanks to the brand – I am now more aware of what looks good on me regardless of how the fashion changes.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new and upcoming celebrities coming into this space?

Fashion is forever changing, open up your mind more and explore your style before you settle for one specific fashion style. There are so many more dress up options out there than the commercial stuff we always see, so always try and dig deeper to find some “hidden” styles. And always make sure that you always try be yourself instead of mimicking others.

What has been your best moment so far as a JD ambassador?

Taking the JD brand with me to New York and getting compliments about the clothing I wore. That for me was special, I felt I added value to a brand that has added so much value to my life. Looking forward to my international trips this year and exposing the brand to the international market

What JD item are you looking forward to having in your ensembles this winter?

Definitely the winter smart casual jackets and footwear. I have always struggled whilst shopping to find stylish winter wear, so super excited to see and wear the JD winter range

After a busy week at your craft, where do you like to go to relax?

I love a good conversation, so it’s always to a vibey but chilled spot (not so noisy that you can’t communicate). I’m a fan of the Melrose Arch night life. I like Churchill, Melrose Arch.

Are you more of a summer or a winter fan?

Can’t be working so hard for that summer body and then look forward to covering it all up ???? Definitely a summer fan.

What is the boldest accessory you’ve ever owned?

A Rolex watch which was a gift from a client, but couldn’t keep it as I didn’t feel I was yet at that level. Working towards getting to that level where I can buy myself one without having to budget for it.

What other brands do you look at most or aspire to wear?

Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Giorgio Armani

What liquor do you drink?

Jameson, Ciroc, GH Mumm, Courvoisier & Martell

What do you do for recreation? Where do you like to hang out?

I love soccer, so whenever I get a chance, I play indoor soccer. I love travelling as well, so any opportunity to fly or drive to another town, then I’m in. I love hanging out at restaurants with great food and creative cocktails.

If you think of a sexy campaign, what would you like to see in this campaign?

A very well dressed man, with 2 half-dressed beautiful women on each side drooling over him and he is just there, chilled.