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Khuzani, KING of the Blue Nation


You would be hard pressed to find a more recognizable face in the Maskandi world than that of Khuzani Mpungose. Don’t miss this icon in action at the #Gcwalisa iMabhida Maskandi Concert on 30 March 2019.

Every great artist has had to overcome challenges. Khuzani is no different and on his path to success, he has learned to negotiate the potholes beautifully. The music industry is a fickle one. You may find yourself the flavor of the month today, only to find that no one remembers you in a year or so. To this end Khuzani works very hard indeed to keep his music relevant and interesting. It’s all about reading your audience and identifying with their struggles and challenges. This is where Khuzani comes into his own. He has always had a knack for producing music that his fans can make their own. A modern-day poet, his music is a story of life.

Drawing inspiration from other artists like Casper Nyovest, Khuzani is never too proud to learn from others. The mark of a confident man. When all is said and done, it’s always been his motto to love his music, respect his fans and give it his all, in whatever project he sets his hand to.

At Jonathan D, we love to recognize the work that people do to enrich others. We wish our beloved ambassador Khuzani much success and joy for 2019 and we look forward to watching him reach more and more success in his personal and professional life.

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JONATHAN D: Who has influenced the growth of your fashion style?

KHUZANI: Street fashion as worn by people in my age group that I see.

JONATHAN D: What would you say has been the most iconic trend introduced by Jonathan D?

K: Formal dress for my generation.

JONATHAN D: How do you feel when you wear Jonathan D clothing?

K: I feel like I am dressed for any event, formal or casual.

JONATHAN D: What are you hobbies and passions?

K: I enjoy reading and playing soccer.

JONATHAN D: If you could predict the future, who do you see Jonathan D dressing in 2020?

K: All my fans.

JONATHAN D: What would you buy for your brother/father from the 2017 Summer Jonathan D collection?

K: A Jonathan D suit.

JONATHAN D: What word comes to mind when you think of Jonathan D fashion?

K: My brand – Khuzani.

JONATHAN D: For a great night out, what would you suggest?

K: A trip into Cape Town.

JONATHAN D: What are your favourite colours?

K: Blue.

JONATHAN D: Packing for a holiday, what is the one thing you will never leave behind?

K: A Jonathan D suit.