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Mthandeni, Mr Igcokama Elisha

Mthandeni’s Maskandi

We love Mthandeni’s Maskandi Magic!Born Mthandeni Sibusiso Manqele, this young man has reached for the stars to become one of South Africa’s favourite musicians.

We have seen him grow as a musician, delivering some of the best Maskandi music available in the country and contributing to the growth of that music genre. In addition to his well-loved music, he is well-known for the colour red. His fans are normally seen wearing something red when attending one of his events, and we can barely keep his Cutty signature range – Igcokama Elisha. Creative, fun and full of Mthandeni flavour!

Like Cutty, Mthandeni likes to share ‘truths’ and messages to fans all over the world. When it comes to music and fashion, he has a very clear understanding about what moves him and inspires him. His urban-street style is infectious, and these days Cutty is his go-to brand of choice. We suspect his 2019 style will be even more contagious, retro-urban with a sporty twist, and we expect Igcokama Elisha fashion to continue changing the landscape of style in SA.

Mthandeni fans are in luck, the #CuttySummer2019 collection is full of the signature Igcokama Elisha range as well as new and exciting styles including a wide selection of denims and super-fly footwear.

Here at Cutty, we are looking forward to an exceptional year with this amazing young artist. Don’t wait too long to catch one of the items from the coveted Igcokamma Elisha range – they are sure to move fast! And whatever you do, keep on dancing!

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Q&A with Mthandeni

What are your personal goals for 2019? To read more, expand my knowledge and increasing my investment opportunities. I have worked hard to build my brand and its time to make plans to yield better results. I’ll be working more, and most importantly will learn to work smarter.

I hope to make my Africa Entertainment Network a global brand and synergise with successful people in the digital business world. Also, to travel more and connect with the right people in business and entertainment to introduce and improve Maskandi as a culture.

What are the reasons you stay motivated? 1) Family, 2) Fans, 3) Poverty back home in the villages, 4) Improving the Maskandi genre and 5) Creating a legacy.

Mthandeni recently released a hot Gqom smash track produced by Afrotainment’s DJ Boonu titled uSwidi Wodwa featuring West Ink’s Madanon, and Mashayabhuqe.

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