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SHWI aka Mr JD


Another year and another opportunity for Shwi of Shwi Nomtekhala fame to share his Maskandi magic with the scores of ardent fans that have come to adore him. Yes, Mandla Xaba better known as Shwi, is still the darling of Maskandi music. Still climbing charts and continuing to chalk up scores of music hits, Shwi brings Maskandi music to the nation. Never too tired to crack his trademark smile, it’s his happy disposition and serious talent as an artist that has ensured his rise to fame.

Ready to take 2019 by storm, Shwi has set his sights on performing in Europe, as it is his desire to work together with international artists. An ambitious goal for sure but we have come to expect such lofty heights from our beloved ambassador. We asked Shwi what his thoughts were on factors that drive to success.

“You must have a good mentor in life. The right advice is priceless. Secondly, have a goal and put a time frame to it, or you will end up drifting aimlessly. Most importantly, always believe in yourself.”Great things never came from comfort zones and Shwi loves to push himself out of his comfort zone.

So here, dear Shwi fans, are five tips from the man himself to inspire the youth. “Respect your job. Stay focused. Quality is not an act, it’s a habit. Be committed to you work and most importantly, family first!” 

Jonathan D is very proud to dress Shwi, keeping him in the style to which he is accustomed. On stage or off, he always looks his best thanks to JD. We look forward to 2019 and enjoying Shwi’s successes with him.

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We value our Jonathan D Ambassadors, and like to share their messages to fans all over the world. Want to know who inspires them? What they are crazy about? What makes them tick? Read here to find out more about your favourite Jonathan D Influencer.

JONATHAN D: Who has influenced the growth of your fashion style?

SHWI: Freddy Gwala (Pansula fashions of the past).

JONATHAN D: What would you say has been the most iconic trend introduced by Jonathan D?

S: Style inspiration from Pansula fashions of the past, I mixed them up with the best in modern, urban trends, and created my own look – something brand new.

JONATHAN D: How do you feel when you wear Jonathan D clothing?

S: I feel very confident, and decently dressed.

JONATHAN D: What are you hobbies and passions?

S: I enjoy watching soccer and television.

JONATHAN D: If you could predict the future, who do you see Jonathan D dressing in 2020?

S: The Bafana Bafana soccer team.

JONATHAN D: What would you buy for your brother/father from the 2017 Summer Jonathan D collection?

S: Definitely a JD Mercerised golfer

JONATHAN D: What word comes to mind when you think of Jonathan D fashion?

S: My family – we have made JD a family style.

JONATHAN D: For a great night out, what would you suggest?

S: Watching movies in Sandton.

JONATHAN D: What are your favourite colours?

S: Black and white.

JONATHAN D: Packing for a holiday, what is the one thing you will never leave behind?

S: My Guitar.