Reggie Khumalo

31 Jul 2017


Intelligent, strategic, observant, vlogger, guitarist, artist and path-finding young Businessman – Cutting across the continent of Africa, Reggie Khumalo will be visiting 13 countries experiencing different cultures and attractions on offer to the wonderlust Cutty man.

An accomplished man of many talents, Reggie has added camera work and editing to his bucket list and will be doing it all himself on this exciting nomadic experience. Cutty will be right there on this epic journey, bringing to our Young Turks, insight into the melting pot that is Africa. With this epic adventure, Reggie aims to empower and promote African Art.

This Ride and Artist within initiative will be nothing like anything ever seen before. Reggie will travel South Africa and twelve other African countries and collaborate with each country’s top artist to capture the heart of that country on canvas. These paintings will ultimately be auctioned off back in South Africa. The funds will cover Tertiary Education (University) Fees for several students studying the Arts.

The Cutty brand is very proud to be associated with this industrial Brand Influencer. The Cutty crew will be keeping a close eye on you Regg. Happy trails, hamba ngokuphepha and ube nethamsanqa!

Watch Reggie LIVE during his Cape Town 2 Casablanca trip HERE: [link to the live streaming]

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CUTTY: Who is your style idol?
REGGIE: It would have to be Leonardo Dicaprio or Johnny Depp and Will Smith. Because of how natural they fit in to their characters, it’s a seamless and natural style.
CUTTY: What Summer 2017 Cutty fashion item can you not live without?
R: The T’s and my red Cutty tekkies, which have been stolen mxm . Something I would wear every day would be also be the cool summer flip flops.
CUTTY: What is your favourite colour?
R: It would have to be maroon or grey.
CUTTY: What do you like to do in your spare time?
R: I enjoy playing the guitar and hiking in my free time.
CUTTY: If you could only wear one fashion accessory, what would it be?
R: A Scuff.
CUTTY: What is the best character trait a Cutty Man should always strive for?
R: A Cutty Man should seek adventure at all costs.
CUTTY: What word comes to mind when you think of Cutty fashion?
R: Inclusive or Adventurous
CUTTY: The weekend is coming, what is your favourite thing to do over a weekend?
R: Love hanging with my mates.
CUTTY: Packing for an awesome holiday, what is the one thing you will never leave home without?
R: It would have to be my Cutty Cargo pants… lol!
CUTTY: What is your favourite music to listen to?
R: I enjoy Idie (Ben Howard), Drum and Bass, Hip Hop (anything with J. Cole) and Edm.