Rocking Retro Runners

13 Mar 2017

Statement footwear is probably the biggest thing to have happened to the 21st century. Say what?! There’s no denying, fashion loves a comeback – so expect a lot of repeats. And while some styles deserve nothing more than a #TBT, others deserve a second chance.

Imagine striking the perfect balance between comfort and slick street styling? Imagine a shoe so adaptable it’ll take you to places you’ve never been before? For some it’s the gym, for others, the office…

It’s the retro trainer, back from the 90s and ready to ‘spin you right around, baby, right around’. What, with its sleek lines and contrasting pops of colours, the mix of fabrics going down on the uppers. It’s all kinds of cool and Cutty’s Maci sneakers are a pimped and primed example. But Cutty’s brand new sneaker collection isn’t all retro runners and circa 90s styles. It goes further back than that. From classic 80s hi/low-tops, in monochromatic finishes and traditional two-toned colourways, to winter ankle boots from the early 2000s, the new winter collection is as sporty as it is street.

Hear that? That’s Cutty’s new Maci Sneakers calling to tell you to gear up, there are some serious adventures coming for you.