SA’S BEST GUIDE to live music and events in SA’s top venues

9 Feb 2018

We are hitting up the best events and outdoor shows at amazing live music venues in the country. It’s a time of year filled with great moments, it almost makes you forget how miserable a hectic work-week can be! So, live it up now and check out some of the best things to do in SA!

Consult our SA Music Events page to find the best events to go to, no matter the season. There are always killer events, from high profile parties in the big cities and music festivals in the homelands, to wine and food extravaganzas usually showcased in winter.

Enjoy our programme of interesting, fun things to add to you to-do list.

Remember, we encourage you to suggest events to us if you happen to get the lowdown on something spectacular and you absolutely want to get out the word. We’re all friends here. Mind blowing illusionists, music events – you name it, we want it on our list.

And whatever you do, don’t forget that February is Valentine’s month. Wear something a little bit sexier on 14 Feb and make your partner proud to be on your arm. See you out and about!