Saving money 101: invest in quality clothing with Jonathan D

27 Sep 2018

Now that you’re at the top rung of your corporate ladder, style is more important than ever. You are an ambassador – a man of distinction amongst your peers and as such, your wardrobe says a lot about your success. As always, JD clothing is the perfect fit for the ever-advancing, dynamic executive but, what you probably don’t know is that with JD clothing, you are actually saving money too.

The new buzz word out there in the retail world is ‘Fast Fashion’ and it’s not a concept that is received well at JD. It refers to the poor quality that mass-produced items often comprise of and at JD we are most definitely ‘anti-fast fashion.’ Many of us have bought that hip and happening garment only to realise after the first wash that it was, sadly, a waste of money. The age-old adage of, “you get what you pay for”, is as true today as it’s always been. To keep clothes cheap as chips, the industry is cutting corners at the expense of good quality. It is vital that you, as a smart consumer, see your clothes as an investment because that is exactly what they are.

When you buy JD clothes, you are always assured of peace of mind. Never will you feel the eyes of others on you because your clothes are threadbare or faded. Our designers go far and wide to find the absolute best quality material for each garment. No shortcuts or bargain basement, cloth purchasing here. There’s a very good reason why you have chosen to wear the JD label and that’s because when you do, you stand out – and for all the right reasons. There are countless benefits to buying quality clothes but let’s have a look at just a few important points.

Your clothes will last longer! You are a busy exec. There’s precious little time to be hanging about in clothing stores and so when you do find that perfect-fit jacket or flattering pants, you want them to work for you, not just for a few weeks but for a good few years. You may have heard of the “cost per wear” equation that breaks down how much you’ll spend per wear on an item, in relation to how long you’ll have it. Usually, when this rule is applied, the higher-priced clothing wins out and is far cheaper in the long run.

Buying fewer, good quality clothes will encourage you to become more creative with mix and match. You’ll become better at putting things together and investing in classic pieces will make it easy. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your classic clothes going out of style. It’s a double whammy. You will end up getting so much more out of the items you have. Having a core wardrobe on hand is the key to looking great. If you’ve ever noticed models and fashion editors’ wardrobes, you’ll probably notice that they all stick to fairly simple, but quality pieces. Why? Investment classics are comfortable, easy, and they last forever. These are important aspects of a great closet.

One of the most important points to remember is that when you buy quality JD clothes, you’ll be comfortable! A good garment is comfy because the fabric of good quality clothing is top notch. From the start, quality pieces are made to fit well, from the cut of the pattern to the stitching, they’re tailored to perfection. You’ll not only be more comfortable, but more confident in the way your clothing fits and that’s the JD difference. Look good, feel good, live well.

Now that we’ve laid it out for you, it’s never too late to start investing in a quality wardrobe. Browse our Summer Catalogue filled with great fashion or look online to find a JD store near you. Snap away and tag us in (#JDiVukile and #JonathanDAfrica) and follow us on @JonathanD.Africa.