Charma Maluleka, owner of Made2Fly Creatives, is the ultimate family man

29 Apr 2019

What is the definition of a ‘family man’? A man with a wife and children dependent on him, especially a man devoted to his family – Merriam Webster

“I don’t ask for much, all I pray for is that the ones I am working so damn hard for will one day greatly benefit from all the seeds I have been planting. I pray that one day, the money I am working so hard for becomes the “old money” & generational wealth that my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren will inherit and have it help them kick start their dream lives, businesses, passion projects, etc.” Charma Maluleka

To say that Charma is a family man is spot on. Leaving one’s children a legacy of hard, honest work, is a gift that keeps on giving. At Jonathan D we’re celebrating the family man and we’re proud to present Charma Maluleka, Jonathan D ambassador and Made2Fly business icon, as the quintessential example of family man for the younger generation to follow. Blogger Matt Jacobson of grownmanstyle fame, defines a family man as follows:

  • Loves His wife as his first priority.
  • May travel for business but his heart is always at home.
  • Loves his children.
  • Puts his family before himself.
  • Spends time with his kids.
  • Guards family commitments.
  • Doesn’t allow the drama from other people’s lives to invade his family and destroy their joy.

In a fast pace world where ambition is king and time is money, it’s difficult to juggle a successful career and family time. It must be said though that, if you have a family, time spent away from them is a difficult sacrifice to make. It is therefor important to focus on quality time, when quantity time is in short supply. Contrary to modern man instinct, children crave the presence of a father much more than the trappings of modern life, like toys and gadgets. Children find their own identity in their father and a man who puts his children’s needs above his own, is indeed a rarity in the 21stCentury.

Charma wears the JD Master Jacket and the JD Leonrado beanie.



A book that is changing the landscape of parenting is The Price of Privilege written by Madeline Levine, Ph.D. Psychologist, educator and co-founder of Challenge Success, a project of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, Dr Levine, comes into contact with scores of young people who find themselves the product of ambitious parents who have dropped the ‘parenting ball’. The gaping hole children feel when a parent or parents are absent, either physically or emotionally, or on the opposite side of the scale, the pitfalls of the ‘helicopter parent’ approach, is impacting on our society in ways that we are experiencing more frequently in South Africa. Striving for success is good, working hard is good, ambition is good. These attributes in a modern man is enviable but at JD, we also understand that the hard working, successful entrepreneur is only as successful as his family unit is, and that’s where Charma has a firm grip on his success.

Balance is the buzz word. Find balance in all things and success and wealth will follow. Take time out of your busy schedule to stop and smell the roses with your kids. Take your beautiful wife/partner out for that ever-important date night. Be the JD man who cherishes those souls in his life that are his to guard and protect and nurture. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Now that’s true style! That’s Jonathan D.