10 May 2018

Everybody loves a wedding. The ceremony, the beautiful bride and her new beau, the food, the celebrations! To make it all that much more special, you are chosen to be the groom’s best man. This is your chance to shine – provided of course you don’t outshine the groom. Jonathan D has the perfect best man outfit for you. Distinguish yourself from head to toe in the formal wear that has made JD stand out from the crowd for 40 years now, as we continue to dress the great men of South Africa with impeccable quality and style.

 When it comes to the perfect wedding gift for the bridal couple, the options are endless. Buying a gift card at a decor or furniture store is a great gift since the couple get to choose from a selection of items. It also has the added benefit of you not having to lug around a large package on the special day, freeing you up to focus solely on the needs of the groom. We live in an era of the social media selfie craze. A thoughtful gift would be to collate photos from the couple’s media platforms and creating either a digital or printed album.

If the couple are traveling for their honeymoon, then perhaps a quality set of luggage would be just the thing to gift. After all, the groom’s treasured items of Jonathan Dclothing should travel in style.

Now that you have aced the wedding gift, you are free to focus your energies on the best man speech. The best man wedding speech is usually the most eagerly awaited of all the wedding speeches. Keep it short and sweet, definitely no longer than 10 minutes, and consider your audience. Be sensitive to the bride during your speech. You don’t want to be the cause of an annulment at the reception! Once the speech is done and dusted, you can let your hairdown and enjoy the very special day with your friends.

A job well done!

What to wear

The JD Mexico Jacket & Trousers in marine. Pair this with the JD Jackson shirt in blue. Finish your look with a pair of JD Criss formal shoes in tan.

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