Style icon and Cutty ambassador Cornet Thabiso Mamabolo is an inspiration for the youth of South Africa

29 Apr 2019

“To be positive is to live and behave positively. I always say life begins when you stop living for yourself completely, when you’re able to see others before yourself…” – Cornet M

If that doesn’t say Cutty Cares, then I don’t know what does! Beloved brand ambassador, Cornet Thabiso Mamabolo, is the embodiment of all that is ‘paying it forward’, and at Cutty, we are always on board when it comes to caring. The Cornet M Foundation, is making great strides in uplifting communities by assisting young learners, thereby keeping them in school. “The reason I started this foundation was because I wanted to give back to society. I realize that many of my peers back home are left behind. Most of them are high school dropouts,” says style icon and Cutty ambassador Cornet. Like Cornet M, here at Cutty we look to the whole man, and style is but one of many expressions of the inner man.

Finding your own style in a world full of fashion trends can be daunting. The important thing to remember is that whichever style you settle into, the end goal is to look good AND feel comfortable in your new gear. No point in being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Cutty cares not only about style but more importantly about personal fulfilment and ultimate satisfaction. If you feel good, odds are you’re going to look good and vice versa. Let’s make this a year of ‘style introspection’ with Cutty. Whether you’re feeling particularly playful and relaxed, business like and serious, or ready to party and impress, Cutty has the outfit to reflect your mood.

This winter sees Cornet M showing off his playful self to the camera. Splashed in bright reds, blues and yellows the Skeem Saam icon is bringing home the message that youth is an elixir that brings with it not only an exuberance for life but a mature attitude of empathy and social responsibility. To this end, Cutty would like to know from their loyal fans, who out there baring the beloved brand is making headway in paying forward the love and care that is Cutty’s foundation. Reach out to us at Cutty and tell us what you are doing to make South Africa a better place for those who need a helping hand. Be part of a culture of responsible living, both on and off the catwalk. Share your stories with us on FB or on Instagram.

The first thing to do when you are in between styles, is to look for inspiration. Look no further than Cornet M and the Cutty crew. Our designers are on top of their game and bring you smart choices. Shop smart with Cutty’s style guide. Pairing the right combination of shirts and trousers with a fine pair of shoes, is what we do well. Dress to your body shape whether you’re a race horse or a show pony and wear your Cutty clothes with confidence. Don’t forget to accessorise. An outfit can have many applications by simply changing your accessories – top tip to keep the budget in check.

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