9 Aug 2017

Men’s summer fashion trends for 2017 are all about colour and flare. From the catwalks of Europe to the golden beaches of the States, bright colour is the new black and bold patterns are all the rage. From Paris to South Beach, the fashion world is shedding its cumbersome, winter coat to make way for light and bright garments to welcome back the season of lazy, sizzling days and long, balmy nights. Style that distinguishes you from the crowd.

At JD our designers have been working smartly to ensure that the very best in quality and classic summer wear is available to the JD connoisseur, 24/7. Styling in the latest JD men’s couture is only the beginning of the complete look however, but don’t stress, JD has you covered. Here are a few tips on what’s hot and how to accessorise this summer.


Travel in summer is deliciously inevitable, so be prepared with an ensemble that packs light and easy. JD have heard the cry of the uncomplicated, stylish man of the 21st Century and have answered with a variety of fantastically perfect cargo shorts and knitted denim shorts and longs to relieve the plight of the perineal packer. Spoilt for choice the JD man can choose from a wide variety of colours to suit every mood. The choice of shirts is equally plentiful. The search for the bright colours had yielded a treasure trove of different hues and the JD summer range does not disappoint.

Photo: JD Ambassador Khuzani wears the SPORT PEAK CAP, the MAX CREW T, HURRICANE DENIMS & VUYO SANDALS while enjoying the sun, some rest and relaxation this summer. Get his style.


When it comes to summer, sensible shoes  are a must. Don’t get caught stifling those digits with woolly socks and lace ups. Loafers, sneakers and manly sandals are the business. Choose from an array of stylish, trendy and comfortable footwear and walk the beat like a boss.

Shop #JDSummer2017 shoes, this is the year of the Thong Sandal – the Jonathan D Marina and Vuyo.


There’s no arguing the fact that wearing a funky hat or peak beats the old SPF lotions hands down. Allow the African sun to load you up with vitamin D without having to lather on the lotion.

Shop summer head gear with #JDSummer2017. Keep ultra-cool in a JD Sport Peak!

So there you have it. Now you have everything you need to make the summer of 2017 one of fun, sun and success both at work and at play. Cheers!

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