3 Aug 2018

Coming out of winter hibernation with a bang, our designers are thrilled to reveal the brilliance of the 2018 JD Summer range. This season, the Summer of Love, our style is on point once again and the JD man will see the ladies simply melt into their hands, as they strut their stuff with sex appeal and style!

This summer, the JD family welcomes to the fold, Charma Maluleka, innovative local and international business icon and all-round style sex symbol, to the brand ambassador team. Together with Shwi and Khuzani, two incredible stars who need no introduction, these brand ambassadors are simply bursting with pride at being part of the brand that has captured the hearts of male style audiences throughout South Africa.

JD is particularly excited about the introduction of style chats with a few of SA’s hottest leading ladies of fashion. No longer will the tastes and preferences of the fairer sex, when it comes to how they like to see their men dressed, be a mystery. We ask the tough questions and probe the minds of these sexy experts and bring you, the man of distinction and style, the inner thoughts and secrets of that special lady you wish to impress. Learn the art of the skillful dance of love and fashion that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of generations before you, except now, you get the low down – hot off the JD press.

It’s all about fun, fun, fun when the sun is high in the summer skies and the JD clothes of the season are a true reflection of easy elegance and strikingly good taste. As always, our team is on top of the exciting events happening around SA and will bring you all you need to know about what’s hot and happening this summer. Music events, food and drink festivals, interesting arts and culture, the whole bag…JD’s got you covered. One thing is for sure, if you step out this summer in your JD outfit of choice, there’s no way you won’t get all the attention, wherever you go.

Be sure to shop early so that when the long hot days and warm summer nights are here, you are more than prepared to strut your stuff – the JD way! Choose from a wide selection of clothes and accessories online www.jonathand.co.za and let us take you right to the top. Feel the love…