The Cutty story

15 May 2017

Every adventure starts with a first step. For Cutty, it all began years ago on a quest to never stop discovering. The journey took us from Cutty Sark to Cutty.

The refreshed label isn’t just a bolder step into the world of fashion, it’s about creating opportunities to escape the ordinary and turn every day moments into unforgettable memories. And what would memories be without someone to share them with? That’s why, at the heart of Cutty, lies people.

We’re in love with our country, our diverse cultures and the creative richness it inspires. We weave these stories into our clothing collections and we surround ourselves with people who walk the same path – people like South African actor and muso, Cornet M and Mthandeni. These multi-talented celebrities aren’t just our new brand ambassadors, their fearless outlooks and bold personalities embody the Cutty spirit and continue our legacy.

You see, for us Cutty is more than something you simply wear, it’s something you feel, and that feeling is shared. This isn’t just the continuation of our story. It’s the way we see the world and we invite you to come with us. Blaze new trails, take the road less travelled and use Cutty’s fashion as the vehicle for your self-expression, to write your own story and go out and Live it!