Trouser truths: Find the right fit

29 Mar 2017

Gentlemen, when it comes to trouser styling, the slimmer the cut, the sleeker the silhouette, the more flattering the fit – and this isn’t thanks to the skinny jean phenomena. It comes down to one simple little fact. The more streamlined the trousers, the more tailored the look, but bear in mind there’s a big difference between slim fit and skintight.

As a rule of thumb, pay attention to the angles of the pocketing. Side-entry pockets add to the trousers’ streamlined designed, classic pockets do not. Concealed zippers and buttons create a flush finish around the waist, buttoned close and large belt loops do the opposite. Now let’s talk ankle length. Extra fabric around that bunches up your ankles not only makes you look shorter, but it breaks those sleek lines you’re going for.

Lastly, fabric. Premium fabrications often result in a better fit and feel – and equally as important is how the fabric wears throughout the day. Where are the crease lines and do they add or detract from your look? Does the fabric allow you to move freely or are you restricted? Let’s use linen as an example. Luxurious, elegant, but a nightmare when it comes to creasing, which is a no-go if you’re on the go. Modern fabrics like cotton blends are better choices because they allow you to move freely with minimal wrinkling.

A lot to take in? Perhaps, but luckily for you, Jonathan D’s combined years of master craftsmanship with the latest in menswear trends to create the perfect pair of trousers with your name on it.