Want style ammo? Rock camo.

29 Mar 2017

Once upon a time, it was designed solely for the military, a colour palette for purpose, a pattern that was all about precision. Since then, this cool collage of colour has stepped onto the street scene, fighting its way to become one of this season’s hottest styles. And it’s all thanks to the way it’s easily refreshed and reinvented. No longer the standard issue dark green and khaki print, camo’s colour combinations have evolved, sporting it all from light grey and white blends, to charcoal and black mashups, making it an icon in its own right, and bringing a bold, brazen edge to everything it touches.

Speaking of colour. We love how whatever the combination, blending it is still a breeze. Team up camo bottoms with bright tees, or go low key and wear it with whites, black or greys, from sweats to jackets. Now, if you’re hitting up a camo top, there’s just one rule: bright ain’t always right. Instead, go for more noncombatant colours like stone, white, black and blue. Or if you’re not ready to rock out all covered in camo, go covert and accent your style with camo accessories like a backpack or cap.

Wear it, live it, love it!