Workwear inspiration: Dress for the job you want.

15 May 2017

In 2014 Yale University did a study and found that men who wore suits were better at negotiating than those wearing casual clothing like sweatpants. Apparently, those who dressed down weren’t taken as seriously as those who dressed up, which makes us believe that by dressing for the job you want, you can make it happen.

We’ve put together our top two looks for the most popular jobs out there:

  1. The Salesman – You’re going to be the face of the business, build relationships with customers and close deals, so you need to look professional, trustworthy and smart. Make suits your go-to and step out in Jonathan D’s France jacket and trousers. Available five stylish shades, from khaki, taupe and stone, to navy and petrol, the France jacket and trouser combo is a comfortable daily addition that wears well with your favourite collared shirts and formal shoes.
  1. The Manager – As a manager, people are going to look to you for leadership so you need to dress in a way that inspires confidence while commanding respect. After all, not only are you a boss, but you’re still an employee and your look needs to strike a balance between the two. Approachable and confident. Wear suits on special occasions like big boardroom meetings where you’ll be dealing with your superiors. As for the other days, you want your staff to feel comfortable with you while still taking direction from you, so you need dress smart casual. Wear Jonathan D’s collared shirt, like the Duke shirt, or a double mercersied cotton golfer, like Merc339, with fitted, straight cut denims. Add JD’s Butler jacket and finish off your look with a pair of your favourite formal shoes.